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Is that a Cometic gasket or OEM? Curious what gaskets you chose.

Its an OE gasket. This engine is fairly stock so I didn’t see the need for a high performance gasket. OE gasket plus a thin layer of Hondabond (or similar) is what they did from the factory - I did this last time and didnt have any issues. 

This little guy was the source of all my shifting issues - a 5mm wide ring that guides the shift drum as it spins. Without it my shifts were sloppy and the bike would pop in and out of gear.

It took me a lot of searching to even figure out what was missing. After that I had to fab one out of a drill busing bc these parts live in the realm of “unobtanium”.

All the little things getting sorted now - final step is going to be the charging system…

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