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This little guy was the source of all my shifting issues - a 5mm wide ring that guides the shift drum as it spins. Without it my shifts were sloppy and the bike would pop in and out of gear.

It took me a lot of searching to even figure out what was missing. After that I had to fab one out of a drill busing bc these parts live in the realm of “unobtanium”.

All the little things getting sorted now - final step is going to be the charging system…

This is what happens when people who shouldn’t be working on a toaster much less pulling apart an engine work on bikes.

Working on getting a Suzuki GT500 2 stroke running for one of my buddies. Previous owner said all it needs was “heads torqued down” in order to run. So I torque the heads and kick it over a few times only to hear a terrible noise. Pull the engine out and apart and looks like he forgot to install the needle bearings between the piston and wristpin. Smart.

Always double check your work. If you have parts laying around after assembly it probably means you skipped something.

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